Fred Frith, born 17th February 1949 in Heathfield, England
Heike Liss, geboren am 9. November 1960 in Düsseldorf, Germany
  It says “improvisation for music and photography”. That sounds like everyday life. Maybe it should be “improvisation for music, photography, children, and unfamiliar locations”. On August 11th we have a performance in Stuttgart involving music, video and live sculpture by Tom Kurth. That’s what we’ve been talking about and working on.
Finn is fire-eating. Luci is off swimming or bike-riding or who knows what.
Meanwhile I’m composing a piece for the AXIS Dance Company of Oakland, California. AXIS is a company developed by dancers with and without disabilities. I’m trying to incorporate the sounds of electric wheelchairs into the composition, which is challenging! La Corbière is pushing me to include the sounds of birds, maybe mosquitos too…
Heike is working on curating a collection of Bay Area videos for a show in Israel, and reviewing video footage from the last few months for future inclusion in Fred and Heike’s Surface and Time project.
In other words, we’re here to work, and it’s working well!
Good company, good food, no distractions.