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  Ayako Mogi - 7 Colors Bibimba

Rezept für 13 Personen:

800 g Ground Beef
1 Kg Rice
5 orange carrots
5 white carrots
4 small green peppers
10 yellow mangold
1 tomato
4 eggs
Calendula flowers
sesame oil, salt, soja sauce, black sesames, nori, miso, garlic, ginger




Cut all the carrots and green peppers very thin.
Fry ground beef with ginger, garlic chili soja sauce, sugar, miso and diced tomato.
Cook Spinach, after add black sesame, sugar and soja sauce.
For the orange carrots, white carrots and yellow Mangold fry each separately with sesame oil. To the Mangold add vinager, sugar and flowers.
Fry 4 scrambled eggs with sugar like a pancake, then cut into thin strips.
Cook Rice.

Everyone decorates their own plate