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  Marion Nuemann - lentils
misa green
misa green

Linsen mit Apfelmus – Lentil with applesauce – Lentille avec compote de pommes
(for 9 person)

800g Lentice, 2 Onions, Garlic ( as much as you like), 2 bay leafs, juniper, vinegar, olive oil, a bit of paprica ( you will find the right taste).
Joghurt, Salt & Pepper and enough Applesauce

Frying onions & garlic together with lentice and all herbs, giving water (start with 3/4 liter),
boiling until the lentice is cooked. Add some oil, some vinegar - finished!

You can give it on top of salad, add Joghurt with salt´n pepper on top with applemus...

Enjoy it