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  Muho and Tomomi - tendon
misa green
misa green

Salad: leaves from the garden with dressing of joghurt, mayonaise, milk, herbs, salt



Batter is made by mixing flour with water and ice cubes to maximize the temp difference.

Fry potatoes, zuchinni, peppers, onions, carrot leaves and carrots in the batter at 170 degrees. To check temperature, drop small portion of batter into deep frying pan. Batter should have move down to the bottom of pan and straight back up.

The tempura pieces are served on rice with sauce.

Sauce: soy sauce, mirin (or sugar), dashi (japanese fish broth)


Dessert: Fruits from the garden (black and red Johannisbeere, cherries, strwaberries, stachelbeeren) with joghurt