warmes essen wunderbar
  Misa Shimomura - Tenzaru Teuchi Udon


Recipe for 10 people


flour 1500g, Salt 75g, Water 675g

Mixed salt and water, put in the flour, and mix it with your hands.
Put the dough into large plastic bag and step on it with your feet, when it
becomes large and thin, remove it from the bag and fold 3 or 4 times.
After the folding, the dough should sleep in the bag for 1 hour.
Then, put the dough in plastic and step on it again.
Take it out from the bag and roll it with a rolling pin until it is 4 mm thick.
Fold the dough 4 times and cut it in strips. You will see shape of

Next step, cook Udon in boiling water untill the Udon becomes
soft. Then, rinse the Udon with cold water.


Kakiage tempra

Onions, Spinachs, Carrots, Peas
Batter: Flour and Cold water

Cut the vegetables into small stick and mix with the batter.
Put into the full of oil 170 degrees.
It would be better you use really cold water because of the crunchy and
beautiful shape.


Soup for Udon and Kakiage

Soy souce 200ml, mirin 200ml, dashisoup 600ml

Mix and cook until the soup becomes hot.

add chopped green onions, limes, and giners for garnish