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Allistar D Peters - Sound and the City: Union Square NYC...

I wanted to illustrate the sonic-ecology of a city and the different segments/locations, which make up that city or parts thereof. I do believe that listeners will extract other non-quantifiable or computable information from sounds around us, provoking a sense of feeling, rhythm tonality embracing timbre which may constitute to the uniqueness of such location.
For my focus I sat at one corner of Union Square Park in NYC near the East Village and recorded sounds using my homemade Binaural headphone/ microphones for 17 hours. Each recording lasted 10 minutes each and was taken every-hour on the hour, totaling 17 different sound recordings. During the process I learned new things about that location, from why the church bells stop at 10 pm, the indiscriminate chatter of people's intermit personal lives, to the constant barrage of moving traffic and the never silent moment of the MTA cleaning crews at night. I wanted to bring this experience to others hoping to capture their attention.

photo by Allistar D Peters