Activités nécessaires, 2008
workshop with 12 art students from La Villa Arson Nice
project by Burkart Blümlein and Katharina Weisshäupl


Silent Shadows, 2008
workshop for cultural communication between artists from Asia, Europe and USA
meeting and experiencing of East and West
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a place I know well, 2008
workshop with 9 young artists
cultural exchange program in cooperation with Pro Helvetia
group exhibition at Zentrum für Kulturproduktion PROGR in Bern
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Love you Kill you, 2008
cultural exchange between artists from Israel, Palestine, Europe and USA
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Lore of moments, 2008
concerts with Fred Frith, MaryClare Brzytwa, Sudhu Tewari and Misa Shimomura
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single works and events in 2008


Fishing for metaphors in the sea of life, 2007
palestinian, israelian, european art encounter
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single works and events in 2007


Haiku happens 2007 and 2006
a filmmaking workshop
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single works and events in 2006


(w)armes essen wunderbar
recipes for food that is cheap and rich


le jardin de la Corbière